The first step is a genetic diagnosis

Confirming mutations in both copies of the RPE65 gene is the first step to determine if you may be appropriate for treatment with LUXTURNA®.

Your healthcare professional can help

Based on your current diagnosis and symptoms, your healthcare professional can discuss genetic testing options with you.

Use the Specialist Locator to find a healthcare professional in your area of the United States who can discuss genetic testing for RPE65 mutations and can provide more information on Inherited Retinal Diseases.

Find a specialist

Taking the next steps

Here is an overview of what will occur before, during, and after treatment:

  • 1

    Once your healthcare professional confirms you have mutations in both copies of the RPE65 gene, you will discuss if LUXTURNA may be right for you

  • 2

    You may fill out an enrollment and consent form with your healthcare professional to enroll you into Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient ServicesSM*

    Enrollment in Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services is voluntary and patients are not required to enroll in order to receive treatment with LUXTURNA

  • 3

    Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient Services will coordinate an Ocular Gene Therapy Treatment Center visit where a retina specialist will confirm that you have enough remaining retinal cells

  • 4

    Your surgery will be scheduled and you will return to the treatment center on two separate occasions for treatment, one for each eye

  • 5

    After your treatment, you may resume follow-up care with your own healthcare professional or continue to see your treatment center specialist

*Participation in Spark Therapeutics Generation Patient ServicesSM is voluntary. You may choose to participate in all, some, or none of the services offered. Participating or deciding not to participate in these services will have no effect on your ability to get treatment or the nature of your treatment or care. Generation Patient Services does not provide medical advice. You should always rely on the direction of your healthcare professional for treatment and care.